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Civil Wines is here as a way to appreciate wine in context, to be sipped and savored, evoking hopes and dreams of a more civil society.



Civility is to share the simple, everyday pleasure that comes with opening a bottle of wine, no matter one’s financial background, geographic location, previous wine experience or political beliefs.

In this forum, civility reigns supreme; be it courtesy towards others or expressing gratitude for one’s community or background. Throughout my travels as an American expat in Europe, I hope to share these moments with you, one glass at a time.



Wine brings people together. And there’s no better way to embrace that moment in time than sharing a bottle with family, coworkers and friends. Join me in a wine class, a tasting event or winery tour as I help you navigate through the complex world of wine.



A glimpse into the wine world speaks volumes about a country’s history, culture, and tradition. For me, there is no better way to record those moments than with my own narrative. Follow my adventurous journey as an American expat living in Brno, Czechia!


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