Gotberg Vinařství

After each trip to the vineyards in the Czech Republic, the Moravian wine industry continues to exceed my expectations. Since the fall of communism in 1989, winemaking has advanced at a rapid pace and a Moravian wine revolution has taken hold.

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It's Harvest Time

September is here in full force. Kids are back to school, beaches are shuttering their restaurants for the season, and people are pulling out their winter coats in anticipation of cooler weather. But for winemakers, this time of year is exceptionally momentous. This is the time of year where the winemakers harvest their grapes.

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Pálava : South Moravia's Hidden Gem

Pálava is a grape that was created in the mid 20th century in Velké Pavlovice. It is a crossed grape varietal (Gewürztraminer x Müller Thurgau.) Today, I am sampling two excellent examples of the Pálava grape, from Sonberk Winery and Reisten Winery, both located in Mikulov, and both members of the prestigious VOC Mikulov.

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All about Burčák!

Video: Learn all about this super popular, semi-fermented wine, Burčák! This is something typical of the harvest season here in South Moravia.

Come explore styles produced from Muškát Moravsky, Irsai Oliver and Solaris!

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Dolní Kounice

A curious smile graced my lips Monday afternoon, as I stopped to snap some photos of the vineyards in Dolní Kounice. Clutching my Canon camera in one hand and spiral notebook in another, I managed to carefully pluck Saint Laurent grapes from their tightly bound clusters off the vine.

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