It’s Wine Time, All the Time


Whether it’s 10H00 or 19H00, a Wednesday or a Sunday, to a Czech person, it never seems like a bad time for a glass of wine. No, it’s not paradise. It’s Brno.

Recently, my husband and I began taking Czech classes. Every Wednesday morning, we head to The Jazykové Centrum Correct Language School for an hour and a half session. Afterwards, we make our way to a café for a quick cappuccino before going our separate ways for the day. Most recently, during our mid morning caffeine intake session, I glanced over to see two Czech women, chatting away. They had just finished up their coffee, but in true European fashion, guarded their table with ferocity from any server looking to drop a check. As their conversation progressed, I could see that they were now drinking white wine. It wasn’t even 11 AM.

These retired women were my heroes. I can only imagine that most of their life, they had to answer to their family, their husbands and their children. But now, alone in a café, with nothing but time and wine in front of them, they were chatting it up, enticing each other to keep sipping, letting the day pass them by. I can only assume that they have children, and now, grand children, to whom they value and appreciate. Yet it was this bonding of two women over a glass of white wine at 10:30 in the morning, that made me hope that my future can only be as magical as their present. 

women wine.jpg
WritingArielle DeSoucey